Raspberry Suite Color Challenge 2

So the whole reason I started this blog is to show some love to all of the great color challenges out there.  Well my first entry is for Dawn McVey’s Raspberry Suite Color challenge 2.


I had been out shopping at Archiver’s-shocker I know!- and ran across this gorgeous ribbon.  When I went to checkout-lo and behold- it was 50% off (so I doubled my order!).  Short story long….when I got home I saw that Dawn’s challenge used these exact colors!  Must be fate you are thinking!  Well so did I!  So I inked up my new Amuse stamp and created this…

Raspberry 2 Swing Girl


Raspberry 2 Swing Close Up

I thought it turned out cute!  


Have a great evening!


11 responses to “Raspberry Suite Color Challenge 2

  1. oh serendipity!! love when that happens. Yes, it’s the perfect ribbon for this lovely Spring card. Gotta love a 50% sale!!

  2. ooh! very nice. Clean and crisp look, like the stamp and color teal for her dress is cute!

    Clouds :o)

  3. I love it, that ribbon is perfect!

  4. I agree with you, it’s very cute. Happy blogging 🙂

  5. So adorable…..love the ribbon!!!

  6. Love your card, so cute! Great job, don’t you love amuse?

  7. This ribbon is to die for!!!! Great job on the color challenge.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  8. The ribbon is just perfect!

  9. yes it did! love that ribbon and the polk adots in the tree!

  10. Beautiful card!! One of my favorites, for sure! I love the image, and that ribbon is gorgeous!!!!

  11. So pretty! Love the ribbon!

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